Boss Casino Being a punter, don’t miss your chance to increase your wins! When placing a multiple bet (COMBI) (with the minimum odd factor 1.2 and summary odds factor 2) make it a 4 combination bet and increase your wins by 3%! Make it 5 bets – get 5% increase and so forth up to 30% increase in case of making a 10 bet combination!

Before getting this bonus, please get to know all of its terms:

  1. Bonus for the multiple bet wins is credited automatically when all bets are off. Variation of percent by which the winnings are increased, in relation to the number of events included in the multiple bet, is shown in the table below:
    Number of events Bonus
    4 3%
    5 5%
    6 10%
    7 15%
    8 20%
    9 25%
    10 30%
  2. In order for the multiple bet bonus to count valid, the summary odds factor of the multiple bet must be not less than 2.0;
  3. In order for the multiple bet bonus to count valid, the minimum odd factor within the multiple bet must be not less than 1.2;
  4. The current promotion is unlimited and applied to all express (combi) mode bets on sport whenever its requirements are satisfied.

*For further information on terms for receiving bonuses, see bonuses Terms and Conditions.

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