All Aces Poker is a classic video poker game. As the name All Aces Poker implies, you will be paid extra when you hit four aces. That will pay you 400 times your stake.

Start by choosing the stakes you want to play, from 1 to 5 coins. In order to win the All Aces Poker maximum payout, which is 4000 for a Royal Flush, you must wager 5 coins. The easiest way is then to choose the Bet Max button is split your cards out right away. If you want to set a different bet amount, select Bet One and click on any number of times and the Deal. It is common for one or more cards to be Held automatically. This is the video poker game’s proposals for you to keep before you select Draw.

In All Aces Poker your winnings can be collected directly. But also offers you to choose to take a chance and try to double your winnings. In this doubling mode one card is dealt which is the casinos card. Then its your job to select one of the four cards on the right of it. If your card is of a higher value, your winning is doubled. You can now choose to double the profit again and again and again. If you only have enough courage, that is. But every time you choose to double, you risk losing the entire profit. So the question is just how much you want to take a chance?

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