Baccarat Gold released by Microgaming is a kind of baccarat with the opportunity to wager on several (up to nine) hands and make side bets. The range of bets varies from five to five hundred credits.
Eight standard 52-card decks with no jokers are used in this game. The cards are shuffled after the appearance of the cut card from a shoe. The dealer puts several cards in the discard tray after each shuffle.
The standard general rules are applied in Baccarat Gold. You can become familiar with them in a special section on the website The cards are drawn according to the classic principles. The score is counted traditionally.
The client can make a bet on the player or the banker, but the bet on a tie is supposed to be side here. It can be made either separately or in conjunction with the basic one. Moreover, users can stake on a pair in the first two cards of the dealer or the player in Baccarat Gold.

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