In this game, all faced cards and tens equals the value of zero and ace counts as 1. This is why Baccarat has its name, taken from the Italian language meaning zero. Baccarat is considered to be one of the most popular card games in the whole world and it is also thought to be the oldest card game in the world, entertaining thousands if not millions of players online and in land based casinos.

Playing is easy since you only have three options to bet on. You can bet on Player ( you ) Bank ( the casino ) or on Tie ( if both player and casino has equal numbers ). The winner of each game is the one that has the combined sum of dealt cards closest to 9.

To make your bet, simply click on either button confirm your bet. This is chance to guess the outcome of what´s to come. To make it even easier, the game will start immediately after you have chosen where to lay your bet and two cards will be dealt to you and two cards to the bank. The sum of both cards will determine which hand is closest to 9 and the winner of the game.

If the cards show a higher value than 9, for example if you get one 9 and one 8 your value will be 17. You will then have to subtract 10 from the value to make your hand and in this case your hand will be 7. If you on the other hand end up with two tens, jacks, queens or kings you will have a hand worth zero and you will be able to get a third card.

When both Player and Bank has the same points with their two dealt cards no one wins since there is a Tie. If you laid your bet on Tie you will be paid at the odds of 8 to 1. If you laid your bet on either Player or Bank your bet will be lost and you will get another chance in a new game.

A third card can under certain conditions be dealt and for that to happen the following needs to apply:
– If the Player and Bank have a total of 8 or 9, no more cards are dealt.
– The Bank can get a third card if the player does not take another card and the Bank´s total score is 5 or less.
– If the Players total score is 5 or less, the player gets a third card.
– If the Player gets a third card there is a table showing if the Bank receives a third card or not. Click on the Help button for more information.

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