Bonus Poker Deluxe is a classic game in which the cards have the traditional shapes of knights, queens and kings.

Bonus Poker Deluxe uses a 52 card deck without jokers and the mixing between each game.

As in any of the video poker game, you can always try to double your winnings. Press the Double button. Once you have selected Double, you open up a bonus mode. It is about trying to beat the casino’s card with a higher card. Choose one of the four cards on the right. You should hope that the casino is dealt a low card, because you to double your profit when you choose a card which is higher than the casino card. When you win a double up, you have a chance to double the win amount again. You choose how many times you want to double up. For the bold it is a chance to get many times the original profit. But the risk of losing the entire profit doubles every time you decide to take a chance on getting a higher card than the casino.


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