Centre Court is arranged with crisp graphics, colourful and classic tennis symbols, all to create the action you are looking for in a sporty video slot machine. You will not have any problems with learning the payouts and targets to win, just place your bet and start spinning the Centre Court slot. To start to the game, just press on the image above this text.

The theme in Centre Court offers real feel of playing in a sporty environment which could be picked out of a Wimbledon itself. You will find tennis symbols like rackets, players and of course some different players and classic symbols like T, J, Q, K and A with a themed touch. Check the payout structure to learn which symbols that pays you most. You will also see all paylines and find some more information about the bonus features there.

The Centre Court has a betting range from € 0 up to € 0 and allows you to play with up to 10 coins so this game is playable for both big and small players. But remember, the higher bet the higher winnings. It is a 5 reel video slot with free spins and the goal is to ultimately catch 5 tennis ball symbols in a row which will allow you the chance to win you the top prize.

Don’t mistrust if you don’t hit the tennis ball jackpot since you will be well rewarded through the other symbols as well. Check out the other paytable and you will find many different winning combinations giving you nice cash back.

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