Champion Raceway is a clean-cut game, and by that we mean there isn’t much going on in the background.

At the bottom of the screen you have the usual buttons to control the game, with the amber spin button in the middle. With a minimum bet of 0.25 coins and a maximum of 25, this game appeals to both the casuals and highrollers.
Just above the menu are the reels, and being a retro themed slot you’ll find only three. At first this might be an instant turnoff, but take a step back and breathe. Champion Raceway wasn’t designed with all the trimmings in mind. It’s made for players who desire a relaxed gaming experience. With much less going on in the background, and only five paylines to concentrate on, you simply spin and win – it’s as easy as that.


Just above the reels you’ll find what makes this game special. A classic arcade racecourse, styled around the type you’d find at a seaside amusement park. We’ll go into detail how this works in the second section, but it’s essentially Champion Raceway’s bonus round.

Wilds and bonus features in Champion Raceway

First of all let’s talk about multipliers. The 3x multiplier symbol is arguably the most important and leads to the 10,000 coin jackpot if you land three on one line.
You’re much more likely to land one or two though, each of which will multiply wins 3x and 9x respectively. With quite a few of these floating about there’s the scope to walk away with some pretty juicy wins.
Then you have the Raceway Derby bonus, which is centred on the racecourse we mentioned in the first section. Each horse has a specific ribbon attached to it, and by landing ribbon symbols on the reels, it will push the corresponding horse forwards. As you can guess, this turns into a race, which the horse with the most popular ribbon will eventually win.
The two horses you’re rooting for are the pink and blue:

  • Pink horse: five free spins with increasing multipliers (from 2x to 10x)
  • Blue Horse: 10 free spins with increasing multipliers (from 4x to 13)

What we mean by increasing multipliers is that during the free spins, the multipliers will improve in value.

    • Pink horse:
      • Spins 1 and 2: 2x to 5x multiplier
      • Spins 3 and 4: 4x to 7x multiplier
      • Spin 5: 6x to 10x multiplier
    • Blue horse
      • Spins 1 to 4: 4x to 7x multiplier
      • Spins 5 to 8: 6x to 10x multiplier
      • Spins 9 and 10: 10x to 13x multiplier

It looks and sounds pretty complicated, but once you’ve played Champion Raceway a few times you’ll get the hang of it.

Clean, simple and a joy to play, Champion Raceway is great for casuals looking for a relaxed gaming experience. And hey, with the retro racecourse at the top, it’ll get the nostalgia bone tingling for sure.

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