Crazy 80´s is, as many of or other videoslots, arranged with crisp graphics, colorful and inventive symbols, all to create the action you are looking for in a good video slot machine! The Crazy 80´s is extra colorful since the 80´s theme is really realistic. You will have no problem in learning the payouts and targets to win, read the payout structure and you will instantly get into the game.

The theme in the Crazy 80´s videoslot offers a real feel of everything that the 80´s offered us who had the pleasure to experience that era. You will find colorful clothes, dancers, Rubiks cube and much more. In Crazy 80´s the top prize is €5000, so be sure to strike 5 dancers in a row!

The Crazy 80´s videoslot has a betting range from €0,25 up to €5, which will fit any wallet and bank roll. It is a 5 reel videoslot with 9 paylines and the goal is to ultimately catch 5 dancer symbols in a row which will win you the top prize.


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