After working all week howling at the moon, chasing Little Red Riding Hood, and generally causing mayhem- where does a fun loving wolf go to blow off steam? He goes to the disco!

So put on your favorite leisure suit and join the fun as this wild wolf-man burns up the dance floor and boogies down. Disco Night Fright is a darkly humorous take on the well-known and popular werewolf story with eye catching graphics.

By taking the werewolf out of the forest and putting him into a disco, Disco Night Fright has allowed for the creation of a visually exciting gaming experience which will appeal to a large variety of gamblers, especially young adults. Disco Night Fright is an All Pays™ Video Slot Game.

This means that adjacent reels pay from left to right without any specific line configurations. Disco Night Fright also includes a Disco Werewolf Free Spin Feature.

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