Double Bonus Poker is a standard video poker game in the sense that we use a 52 card deck which is shuffled before each game, and there are common cards that are used, no jokers.

You get extra bonus when you hit low quads, in which the Aces gives the best payout, by as much as 160 times the bet. The only hand combination that pays better than quad aces in this video poker game is Royal Flush, which can yield a profit of up to 4000 coins.

Like every video poker games worthy of the name, you can choose to double your profits. Just choose Double after a winning hand. Then the casino draws a card from the top of the deck, face up, and an additional four cards to the right. Select any of the face down four cards. If you choose a lower card than the casino, you will lose profits, if you draw an equally high card as the casino’s hand its a tie, and you will keep the amount you had before choosing your card.

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