The jokers represent any denomination or any suit to give you the best possible hand. For instance, let’s say you have two eights, a jack and a king in different suits. If your fifth card is a joker, the joker will complete the best possible hand for you, in this case three of a kind in eights. As stated earlier, Double Joker Video Poker contains two jokers, and of course if you are lucky to receive both jokers, you have the chance to complete a really nice hand.

The top prize in this game is a natural Royal Flush. Natural means that there is no joker representing any card. If you play 5 coins, the top prize, natural Royal Flush will pay you 4,000 coins. A Royal Flush with a joker with a 5 coin wager would pay you 500 coins, so that’s quite a difference. Since there are two jokers you can also have 5 of a kind. These hands are quite rare, and most of your winnings will be from two pairs and three of a kind.

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