In this modern way to play bingo, your goal is to match the numbers on your bingo cards to one of the winning combinations. There are 14 winning combinations, and the top one is to match a full bingo card within the first 30 balls, which pays the top prize of 20,000 times your bingo card stake.

You choose to play 1 to 4 bingo cards per game, and the amount to stake at each bingo card is between €0,1 and €5. So, based on your preferences, you should find a wagering amount suitable for you. With a €5 per bingo card wager, the top prize equals €100.000.

After the 30 first balls, you will have a choice to pay for extra balls. The price of each ball is dependent on the chances you have in your bingo card(s). This means, if you are only one ball short of one or several high paying winning combinations the prize per ball would be higher than if the chances of a winning combination is lower. There is a total of 10 extra balls to be added to the first 30 balls.

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