European Blackjack Gold is played with two standard decks of playing cards. The decks are shuffled before each game. Your aim is to beat the dealer’s hand. There are two ways of doing this, either you get a higher value hand than the dealer without exceeding 21, or if the dealer’s hand goes bust (dealers hand value exceeds 21). In European Blackjack Gold at you bet on one hand in each game.

Blackjack is a hand containing a hand with an Ace and a card with the value 10. Kings, Queens, Jacks and 10:s all count as the value 10. Ace can count as 1 or 11. In European Blackjack Gold at a blackjack cannot be beaten, it can only be matched. If you and the dealer end up with the same value the hand ties.

Blackjack might be the casino game in which the player has the highest edge towards the casino. However, to give the player the maximum edge towards the casino would demand that there is no shuffling of cards after each game, which of course doesn’t occur in any online casino whether you play at or elsewhere.

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