These ladies love to drive race cars! This game is very easy to learn. You only have one simple goal: To match three symbols! You are set in race environment where the different old ladies are ones to math and they all represent different multiplier values. Winnings are calculated by multiplying the multiplier value won, by your total bet amount.

This game is incredibly easy to play. Just press the red “New Card” button. Choose either to scratch the boxes one by one, for that extra excitement, by clicking on the boxes, or press the “Reveal All” button. Your prize will then be revealed and the granny with whom you won your multiplier will then drive around in her box until you pick a new card. It is as simple as that!

The design and graphics in this scratch card game is really nice. In the bottom of the screen you will find your stake, the New Card button and your wins, all this displayed on a car dashboard! The paytable, where you can see the different symbols multiplier value, is conveniently placed to the left of the screen and if you should have any further questions about the game you can just click on the question mark in the upper right corner. Besides from the amazing graphics and design this game also has great sound. When you reveal the cards the sounds are soothing and calm, but when you get a winning combination the sounds will change to something else completely. Do not be alarmed by the high and crazy old granny laughter when you get your winning combinations!

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