Hairy Fairies is an Instant Win card game which is very easy to learn and the design in this game is truly amazing.


You will encounter several different fairies. These fairies are not the typical beautiful fairy tale fairies, such as Tinker bell from Peter Pan; no these are beer drinking, pizza eating, overweight, a bit untidy and quite funny looking fairies. The environment in this scratch card game is very different as well as the sloppy fairies theme. It takes place at night in a backyard full of beer cans and old pizzas.


The rules in this game are very simple! First choose the amount you would like to bet by clicking Increase or Decrease to select the amount. You will find this + and – buttons on the Stake-button in the left bottom corner.  The total number of credits won depends on the bet amount you select, multiplied by the multiplier value won.

When you are satisfied with your bet amount you start the game by clicking on the empty can in the middle bottom of the screen with the words “New Card”. The twelve hairy and funny looking fairies will then be displayed with a multiplier value behind them. You get to select nine of the fairies to reveal their hidden multiplier values. You can click on the “Reveal all” button or you can click on the fairies one by one.


Any three matching multiplier values complete a winning combination. Winnings are calculated by multiplying the multiplier value won and by your total bet amount.

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