Mr Toad is a 5-reel video slot game. You can activate up to 5 lines and bet up to 5 coins per line. Lines can be activated or deactivated manually in any order.

Mr Toad includes a scatter symbol (the lily pad). Mr Toad includes two bonus rounds. 3 or more consecutive scatter symbols anywhere on the reels trigger the cross-the-pond bonus game. The number of consecutive scatter symbols affects the value of the payouts in the bonus game, the more symbols, the higher the payouts. Your goal is to guide Mr Toad across the pond by selecting lily pads for him to jump on. You can only select at max the two lily pads closest to Mr Toad on the row above him. On the third row, a hippo can appear, knocking Mr Toad into the water. This will end the bonus game and forfeit any bonus winnings collected up to that point


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