“Step into the world of hackers with Satoshi.”

First ever bitcoin game that will let you discover encrypted world of 0s and 1s. It’s not just the Bitcoin topic but also the hackers Matrix-inspired environment that makes this game unique. It’s the first game out of all Endorphina’s slots that features both six reels and two bonus games.


4 Bonus symbols and more trigger a unique Trading bonus game that rewards each player with the capital to start with. Will you play safe and keep your win or will you take a risk, invest the money in a foreign exchange market and raise a chance to multiply the capital? You need to make your decision.


Once you get QWERTY on the reels, you will start hacking bank accounts. This game is all about a good strategy. There are 3 levels of account protection with different amounts of money. To quit safe you need to convert the money into anonymous cryptocurrency.

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