Larry’s Roulette® at LarryCasino – you can win crazy prizes


Larry wants to take you for a spin! This is a roulette game only purchasable using your coins. There are six different roulette wheels to choose from, depending on your level. Spin away!


How it works   Larry’s Roulette®

This is a promotional game in which you can win crazy prizes such as bonus money, free spins, cash, coins, tickets and other incredible items. Roulette spins are only purchasable using the ‘coins’ that you collect during your journey – not purchasable using cash.

To purchase spins for this roulette, go to the shop and exchange your coins for roulette spins.

There are six different types of Larry’s Roulette that will become available for purchase as you progress through the adventure of Larry Casino.

The more coins you spend on a roulette spin, the better the prizes you can win.


1 – 4 Blue
The cheapest but most generous roulette wheel
5 – 9 Silver
More coins required, better prizes!
10 – 14 Double or Tickets
Double your Coins or get tickets!
15 – 19 Gold
As the name says, this is pure gold!
20 – 21 Platinum
Platinum sounds like something great!





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