The real game is in the Shadows.

The emotions you experience here are real,

as real as the rewards you get.

We appreciate you joining us, and that is why we decided to introduce an additional element of fun into Shadow Bet. Check out our secret game – Shadow Treasures.

The rules are simple.

  1. You play your favourite game, you win cash and gain experience. 
  2. Every time you level up, you spin the reels and win one of our rewards, from free spins and cash to smartphones and luxurious holidays. 
  3. Every few levels, you are promoted to a higher rank, and thanks to that, you unlock the possibility of winning special rewards, such as The Treasure.

What are you waiting for? Enter Shadow Bet and let the fun begin. Rewards hidden in the Shadow await you.

Cheers & game on,
Shadow Crew

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